First time treatments consist of a 90 minute appointment that includes a complete medical history, diagnosis and treatment plan. A follow-up treatment includes a 60 minute appointment to go over any discomforts you may be experiencing, how your previous treatments helped, and treatment. 


In our body, we have energy commonly known as Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This energy flows throughout the body on a highway system called meridians. The flow of energy is vital for our health because it provides the body with needed resources and nourishment. Many times this energy can become obstructed much like a highway does during rush hour traffic. Acupuncture helps restore this energy flow by unblocking the meridians traveling throughout the body in order to provide the nutrients the body needs in order to function more efficiently and heal. 

Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been practiced for thousands of years and is most common in East Asia. As a certified herbalist, I consider the medication a person is taking and develop a formula that is unique to them. Different herbs and dosages can be given and changed depending on the patient's progress.

Food is extremely important because this is how the body gets nutrients for growth and repair in the body. Many foods from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective have different energetic properties that can tonify the body when it is deficient or reduce when the body has an excess. Diet recommendations are given based on your personal diagnosis in order for the body to receive the most from your treatment.